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zoom Interpreting the Italian Renaissance
"Interpreting the Italian Renaissance"
This guerrilla art piece is a takeoff of a painting done by the Renaissance Italian painter Pisanello, born 1395 in Pisa, died 1455 in Rome. The original’s official title is Portrait of a Princess of the House of Este (see below), and was painted between the years 1436-38, Tempera on wood, 30x43 cm. It resides today in the Musé du Louvre, in Paris.
Pisanello used medieval patterns in a ‘modern’ way, compositionally, as with the ‘pictorial architecture’ of Masolino or Masaccio, while at the same time not being familiar with their mathematical model of perspective. This young woman’s portrait (assumed to be Ginevra d'Este) is flat, and its flowers and butterflies, though drawn from nature, seem like ornamental patterns from French or Flemish tapestries.

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