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Above you see two of our 'guerilla art' works installed on windows in downtown Vallejo. Both these works are based on Renaissance art: on the left we have our rendition of a work by Piero della Francesca, a portrait of Federigo da Montefeltro. On the right is an interpretation of a painting by Italian Renaissance master Antonio Pisanello - Portrait of Ginerva d’Este. (Both these guerrilla works are presented on their own later in this section.)

Both works are a collaboration between Trevor Burrowes and Pete Hubbard. We call them Disposable Murals. They are both 6ft x 8ft, Acrylic on newspaper.

This is guerrilla art at it’s best. We are trying to do two things here: help the downtown area brighten up by putting art in vacant store front windows, but also, more importantly, make art accessible to the public.

Why Renaissance artworks? A lot of the 'guerrilla' works we've done so far are based on 15-16th century art. Why the Renaissance pictures? We feel we can educate the public about art by using images which they can easily recoginze as art, even though they may not be that familiar with them directly. By showing these kinds of images in our way, which is to say, presented in a 'modern art' context, we feel we can teach the public it’s not necessary to go to major metropolitan centers to see art!

But as you would guess, bureaucracy can get in the way! So early one Sunday morning we went down there and put these up in the windows, took a photo and then got them out of there before anyone was the wiser.

Ha Hah! Art wins again!

Read the 2003 Times-Herald article written about this!


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