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Fetterly Gallery Show: Art of Being Black

Our new mural, titled Lawrence, is based on a piece by Jacob Lawrence, which you see at right (click on image for a zoom of it). The mural's dimensions are 92" by 122". The medium is acrylic and mixed media on newspaper. We completed it on Saturday, January 15, 2005.
(click to zoom)
by Jacob Lawrence

       Jacob Lawrence, (1917-2000) was an impassioned observer of American life and student of American history. His art made the realities of race and racial differences in the United States visible to a broad audience. He wanted to educate African Americans about their own history at a time when information about that history was not widely available. Ultimately, he enlightened a broad American audience about the humanity of his people.
       His formative years as an artist took place in 1930s Harlem, where African American artists, writers, and intellectuals had been actively working to construct a new definition of the African American. Their dialogue focused on overturning old stereotypes, and creating a new self-image for African Americans that reflected the cultural and intellectual achievements of the Harlem Renaissance. Nurtured and supported in this environment, Jacob Lawrence developed an approach to making art that reflected a desire to empower African Americans and to present their experiences through unique and modern imagery.

Mural: "Lawrence" by Trevor Burrowes and Pete Hubbard
'Lawrence' by Trevor Burrowes and Pete Hubbard
(click picture for normal zoom; for super zoom, click here)

Here are Trevor and Pete standing by the mural, clearly showing its size. The mural is located about opposite the entrance to the Fetterly Gallery. Click on the picture to see a normal zoom view. To see a "super-zoom" view, click here.

Three Detail Blow-ups — Click on Image for Zooms
(this one has a Super Zoom
as well as a zoom)

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