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       Both Pete and Trevor had individual art works showing in the Fetterly Gallery's show "From the Garden," which followed the previous Fetterly Show, "Wild Women 2: Telling Tales." In this new show, Pete and Trevor again collaborated on a new mural. This mural replaced the vandalized earlier mural which had been part of the tribute to Dorothy Herger, as also chronicled on this website. (The vandalization was expected, yet still depressing.)
       This new mural, Dream, is based on Henri Rousseau's work by the same name, as shown at right (click on pictures for zoomies). Perhaps because of the vandalization of the previous mural, Pete took many shots of this mural, including closeup detail shots, and also shots showing the step-by-step process of painting the mural, all offered below. See also below for Trevor on Newspaper Mural art.
(click to zoom)
by Henri Rousseau

Mural: Dream by Trevor Burrowes and Pete Hubbard

(click picture for normal zoom; for super zoom, click here)

Trevor Burrowes on Newspaper Murals
       This newspaper mural by Pete Hubbard/Trevor Burrowes collaborative is 93" x 150" located in the Vallejo Plaza Mall in front of the Fetterly Playhouse for the Arts. It was measured to fit exactly within one of a series of architectural "niches" on the wall. The wall is an ideal location for a series of murals.
       Newspaper murals are temporary, allowing for the maximum dissemination of ideas. Temporary Murals (TM) maximize how many ideas a given artist can share, but also how many artists can share ideas in the same location.
       Our murals blend care and thought with a "primitive" edge. There is a rustic, rough quality to the materials, indicating that anyone has the means of creating TMs. Newspaper costs nothing, it's diverted from the waste stream, and other costs for even our largest murals rarely exceed $30. Through the printing on the original newspaper, much of our work is done for us, since we can incorporate newspaper images, much like collage, into our superimposed paintings. The simplicity and immediacy of our modern-art approach is also empowering to the broad public that might wish to do such work as well.
       "The Dream" is affixed to the wall with nails and washers and reinforced with contact cement around the edges. The Dream is the first mural in which we systematically incorporated the placement of the nails to coincide with the intersections of the grids.
—Trevor Burrowes    

These two shots help establish the size of the mural and it's look upon the wall opposite the entrance to the Fetterly Gallery.

Detail Blow-ups
Click near letter for Detail Blowup; Click on Blowup for Super-Zoom

Step-wise Progress of Mural

— 1 —

— 2 —

— 3 —

— 4 —

— 5 —

— 6 —

— 7 —

— 8 —
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