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Tribute to Dorothy Herger Dorothy Herger
The Fetterly Gallery in Vallejo, during opening day of its “Wild Women 2: Telling Tales” exhibition on March 20, 2004, held a special tribute to artist, educator and local treasure Dorothy Herger (above) with the unveiling of a mural “Bright moment, at the beginning of lower Georgia Street, 1969” by Trevor Burrowes, Pete Hubbard and Sarah Nichols

The mural was painted in Vallejo's Federal Building, in which Pete and Trevor had previously displayed their art during an open house for Vallejo Music Theatre, then moved opposite the Fetterly Gallery for this special event. (Most of the pictures here have pop-up zooms - just click on the picture.)

Finished Mural
The Finished Mural, opposite Fetterly Gallery
Fetterly Gallery Assembly
Above, people assemble for the unveiling of the Mural in honor of Dorothy Herger, opposite the Fetterly Gallery (left)
Unveiling Unveiling Unveiling
Above, the unveiling by Trevor, Sarah Nicoles, and Pete. Left, Trevor makes a quick repair as Pete looks on, and at right, people look on with the unveiling and dedication to Dorothy complete.
Original Photograph by Dorothy Herger Beginning
At left is Dorothy Herger's original photograph from which the mural was based on. Above is a snapshot of the mural at its very beginning, on a wall in the reception room of the Vallejo Federal Building where the artists worked on it.

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