The following 6 collaborative paintings were created by my
students using my step by step working process. 
These paintings are all available on request unless
where indicated. Contact me for details.
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"Statue of Cupid (after Cezanne)", 
by Pete Hubbard and Radi Vranish,  21"x34"oil/canvas. created in Dec. 2001
"Pink Lady" 
The first group painting, created by  Rebecca Cook, Jason Fortier, Karen Brorby, and myself. The size is 41w x 31h, and it was completed in September of 2001. We selected a painting by Mattise as the model.
 "The Card Players (after Cezanne)"
 30"X40", completed December of 2001 by Sheila Weintraub, Scott Skinner, and myself.
"Man and Elephant" (City Flag in Africa)
 30"X49", completed September of 2001 by Karen Brorby, Scott Skinner, and myself.
"The Couple (after Picasso)"
 SOLD, 24"X39", completed February of 2002 by BJ Conrad, Karen Brorby, Scott Skinner, and Sheila Weintraub.
"Vase of Flowers"
27"x36", completed August of 2002 by Sallie Evens, Sheila Ryan, Joe Sobiesiak, and myself.
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